Join the Cause!

We’re an all-volunteer bunch around here that loves a cappella music and wants to share it with the world. Does that sound like you, too?

We’d love your help! Acaville has the following volunteer positions open right now — take a look and if you see something that looks interesting, send us a note! (All that we ask for each of the positions below is that you commit for at least six months. It can take a little time to get the hang of things, and we’d hate for you to get everything all figured out – and then leave.)


Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per week

The a cappella community is big – and, to our delight, keeps getting bigger. So we rely on Acaville Ambassadors to help be a conduit to groups and artists around the world. These folks reach out to the a cappella folks in their region, working with them to figure out how we can best support them.

It’s a great way to act in your area to support the community. For more information, reach out to Spencer Quan, who heads up our Ambassador program. He’d love to talk with you!


Estimated time commitment: 4-5 hours per week

We want to add to our pool of on-air talent. If you want to have your own weekly show on our air, this is the gig. Focus on spinning tunes, bring on guests, or something completely different – we’re open to innovation!

For this position, you’ll need your own computer and (reasonably-good-quality) microphone. We can show you how all the software and processes work.

If you’re interested in this position, send an audio sample of yourself (so we know how you sound when you talk!) along with a note to our volunteer e-mail address.

News Producer

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per week

Are you on top of things going on in the a cappella community? Would you like to be? Our news producers scour their contacts (or, you know, the Internet) for new news each week, then write and record it into 50-second bits that we play at the top of each hour. Be among the first to learn what’s going on — then share it with our listeners! Interested? Holler!

Editing Intern

Estimated time commitment: 3-4 hours per week

Across our original programming, we generate a lot of audio – interviews, live performances, and more. Before it hits the air, though, it needs someone with a good ear to make it sound better. Have you done any work with sound? Want to get more experience working on production audio? This is the role for you!

To step up for this position, send us an e-mail.